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English on Instagram: useful teachers to follow ?

Re: English on Instagram: useful teachers to follow ?

by Paulina Rataj -
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Hello everybody,

I find this thread very useful as I believe that Instagram could be of a great support in learning a language. It could easily enhance vocabulary and improve pronounciation especially if it's used on a regular basis.
I have a few favourite accounts that I follow with a great pleasure.

Psenglish - Zuzanna Fyall & Michael Fyall - Michael (British) located in Wrocław with beautiful accent and very useful phrases and words shown in short movies made often while walking the dog. Good vibes and a very kind personality which makes me smile easily.

Stew Sensei - British English Teacher British pronounciation coach. He's a friendly, laid- back guy and very active with the posts (2812 so far). Sometimes showing the differences between American and British pronounciation and teaching slang words.

Dan @ BritSpeak || British English Teacher -Dan originated from Yorkshire and leaving in Japan. Funny, very enthusiastic guy, full of energy and ideas smile

learnbritishaccent - British Accent Academy - a professional teacher specialized in teaching pronounciation (modern RP) with 1109 posts. She pays great attention to phonetics and shows mouth and tongue positions while teaching the sounds. For those who would like to dive deeper into the IPA, which in this case means not a beer ;) but The International Phonetic Alphabet smile

Bryan Millar Walker | Scotland A very good looking Scott who is a tour guide not a teacher though. He shares his love to Scottish nature and landscape. His accent is challenging and very interesting as it's very poetic. Encourages me to go back to Scotland for hiking.

I hope you'll check out these accounts finding them enjoyable and usueful.

Have fun!